Waste management

Over 60kg biodegradable, food related waste collected over three days during the pre-wedding ceremonies.. attended by over 50 people a day (3 meals a day).

Add to it about 1kg soft plastic (segregated of course).

While the biodegradable food waste (including tableware) were composted, the dry waste (soft plastic) was brought back to Hyderabad for recycling (for the lack of a local Recycler in Khammam district, Telangana).

Waste management during the pre-wedding festivities is something not many of us consider when we speak of a low waste event…with waste management efforts concentrated on the main event days.

But here’s our gutsy bride (@s_sahithi_a ), determined to not leave behind ANY waste at the landfills from the merrymaking related to one of the biggest milestone events of her life – her wedding!

For us, the experience was extremely satisfactory and memorable because of her being completely hands-on. She was like our ally, co-strategist to take on the challenge of keeping her Big Fat Indian wedding a low waste affair.

Right from researching on the right suppliers to buy the products from… to ensuring waste management was carried out at her house pre-wedding, Sahithi was a part of everything…

Can’t forget the sight of two small packs with disposable masks & medicine covers that she had collected in her house bustling with relatives, unsure of what to do with them.

When we reached Khammam & saw these, we were overwhelmed and thankful we took up this event – out first outside of Hyderabad… We knew our coming all the way to Khammam was worth it!

Sahithi was worth it!

What a bride!

Coming up next is her Big Fat Indian wedding story where we saved over 300kg biodegradable waste!

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