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The Bartan Company is a social enterprise committed to enabling individuals, businesses, corporates, Government establishments and to embrace mindful, sustainable practices. If you are one such individual or an organization with the intent to do your bit to heal our Planet - we have everything else to make it happen.

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Nidarshana Saikia Das, originally from Assam, is an ex-Marketing Marketing Communications professional. After 13 years of work experience she decided to part ways with her corporate career to explore her passion in enabling sustainable living for urban India. She was still dabbling with diverse entrepreneurial ideas when she started a not for profit cutlery bank with her neighbour as a stretch initiative.

Within a year because of the overwhelming response, she decided to register it as a for profit social enterprise along with three other like-minded women and the rest, as they say, is history. Due to Covid and the pause in the events scene, Nidarshana started her online eco-friendly products store - Maati. While The Bartan Company forefronts events, Maati steps in to provide eco-friendly gifting solutions for events.



Hi, I'm Vineela. My interest towards sustainability has grown when I started researching the concepts of composting and its benefits. When I succeeded, it motivated me to look for other possible sources of waste and their disposal. When I learnt  about the unacceptable truth I have started replacing my daily utility products with eco friendly products. The research has helped the team I'm working with to build a sustainable working model for different events. Pre-pandemic I have worked under the banner "The Only Planet Collective" along with my friends and we have successfully handled nine events with 94% accuracy.

Post pandemic, we are collaborating with "The Bartan Company" where we are getting an opportunity to meet amazing people with inspiring aspirations and approaches towards similar goals. From each event there are different things to learn and experience. In this collaboration we are trying to better our model which is more approachable and acceptable.


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