Indian wedding

In a typical big fat Indian wedding of around 500 pax, here’s the potential waste generated:
1. Plastic Disposables:
Plates – 700
Spoons – 900
Ice cream /dessert bowls – 700
200ml water bottles – 1000
2. Food leftovers (biodegradable): About 30kg
3. Decor waste (biodegradable): About 30kg
4. Miscellaneous waste

Usually, all of this waste is mixed and carelessly dumped at the landfills. Hard plastics like bottles & spoons may be recovered. Rest just lie there…for years! The biodegradables rot releasing greenhouse gases.

Yet, with small mindful interventions, this situation could be transformed 360 degree! Biodegradable waste could go back to Mother Earth to enrich Her. Plastics, if present, could be put back in its respective value chain.

Presenting our next Mindful Wedding: Sahithi & Sarath’s. Our first event outside of Hyderabad…and one of our most soul nourishing experiences of putting back over 300kg biodegradable waste into the soil.

We are full of gratitude for this opportunity!

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